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Are your blemishes seriously affecting your glow?

Your flabby love handles ruining your (sex) life?

Or does your bloated belly make you look like 6 months pregnant?

That Used To Be My Life, Too!

Get my secret hacks to look & feel younger within a week.

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“Nathalie’s vitamin cures are phenomenal. And so is she!”

Silvia Bianco |

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“My adult acne – gone! And so are my cravings. Thank you, Nat!”

Candace Loy |


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“Nathalie is extremely knowledgable & her vitamin cures are amazing!”

Karin Wess |


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“Nat is one of the most passionate, caring & knowledgable health coaches I know!”

Mandy Gibbons |


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I know. Appearance isn't everything.

But secretly feeling really blehhhh about looking like a pizza face wearing a pseudo-pregnant muffin top is not gonna help us either.

Just like low-fat, little fun, minimal-carb and zero long-term effect diet torture programs or I-HIT (I HATE IT) workouts.

Wanna feel FABULOUS in your own skin again? Simply Live Better?

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About Me And Why You Should Care


I’m a certified orthomolecular nutritionist with additional training in homeopathy & herbal medicine. I’m also a mindfulness coach – but I’m not telling you this to impress (ok, maybe a little).

What is far more important is this:

I went from being a clinically depressed, co-dependent & bacteriophobe diet junkie with an eating disorder (and really bad skin) to feeling and looking great.

At least most of the time, because we all have crappy days – even the people who claim that they don’t.

First I ditched diets, doctors and dorky shrinks that were even more useless than they were overpriced. And then I healed myself.

One Holistic Vitamin Hack at a time.

want that blue

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